Wednesday, 2 May 2012

photos of dress developement from the start

My initial idea to construct the dress was to sew all the pieces I had made to a long slip, when I tried it though it was apparent it wasn't going to work as the slip wasn,t strong enough to hold the weight of the fabric and the felt. My Next idea was to use a boned corset and make an underskirt in tulle and attach them together. Another student kindly donated a wedding dress to me so I could use the underskirt (thank you Becky !) Unfortunately it was a three tired size 18 meringue. I deconstructed it to see if I could alter it to fit but after many alterations and pinning, it just wasn't working. I decided to make an underskirt myself from scratch.I brought a small knee length slip and some tulle that I was going to gather and sew to the hem of the slip and attach it to the bodice. All a good idea in theory how wrong I was ! It has been the bane of my life for the last 6 weeks ,every time I got one part right another part didn't fit or hang right,and it didn't help that I was trying to fit it to two different mannequin's.

Attempts at making an underskirt using many pieces sewn together to form the under skirt,there so many pieces trying to get them all to fit properly has proved a lot harder than I thought

I  sampled quite a few pieces of fabric for the nuno felt, this was going to be the main fabric for the most part of the dress so I wanted to get it right . I haven't used this technique before so I wasn,t as familiar with the shrinkage as I am with the wet felting.The first 2 pieces I made were too small as it shrank a lot more than I had allowed for.I needed a large piece of silk so I had to use my kitchen blind as this was the only thing large enough to roll.This was really time consuming and exhausting.After a few attempts I was happy with the 2 pieces I made for the front and the back.I made two large pieces of felt with lots of holes to create texture and interest for the outside layer of my dress (I soon realised I would need a few more to get the effect I was looking for) I made another 6 pieces to give me the fullness I wanted.I wanted to also use the vinyl cutter to cut some small delicate trees from my drawings to place on the skirt.I sampled a few colours and settled for the gold. Finally I had all the separate pieces I needed to start constructing my dress
This is the first mock up of my dress using the 3 tired underskirt ,Its just not right I wasn't happy with it because there,s too much fabric on the bottom half .

Still trying to get the underskirt how I want it.This is not going to plan although I can visualise how I want the dress to look like I just cant get it right grrrrhhhhh.

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