Thursday, 3 May 2012

Embroidery and Photoshop samples

I needed a break from sewing so I messed around on photo shop with one of my drawings . For some strange reason I had the illusion that I might of had time to produce some wallpaper or gift wrap but saying as my dress is now in a heap on the floor thrown down in frustration , I think these designs may have go in my to do file.

I sampled a few of my small trees on the vinyl cutter.I,am going to put them on the bottom half of my dress.I also tried it on felt, I was going to embroider around them to use for the back piece of the bodice but I didn't like it as much as my other samples.

                                                                       Vinyl on Felt
I started another piece of embroidery ,I drew a tree lightly on the felt and embroidered it but again I wasn't happy with the result.

                                          I like these samples but the colours were a little too orangy.

                     I'm happy with theses samples and this is what I will use for my final piece .

I made a lot of little felt pieces that I'm going to sew individually in clusters over areas on the dress.I best get sewing!

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