Thursday, 29 March 2012

Felt Dresses

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                                                           Second Skin' by Agostina Zwilling

Felt dress by Noriko Narahira

Examples of beautiful embellishment/embroidary and fabric manipulation


                                            Givenchy Haute Couture autumn/winter 20011/2012



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Alexander McQueen (again) spring / summer 2007

Although Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer, Elie Saab is a very close second.The delicate beautiful detailing on all his dress is stunning.I think these dresses show good examples of getting the placement of your motifs and embellishment right.


Elie Saab
                           Elie Saab "Like A Fairytale " runway collection.See all his beautiful
                                                              bridal inspiration dresses

You Can never get enough of Alexander McQueen!!!!

                              Alexander McQueens Archive exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum New york.
                                           "Widows Of Culloden" autumn/winter 2006/2007

 Alexander McQueen "Savage Garden" collection.

To see images and information from the exhibition click here

Start of my sketch book with initial ideas for my "Woodland themed Dress"


                          Photos taken in local park sketches done in pencil,pastel and charcoal

                                                            screen washed samples

                                               image scanned and edited in photoshop

Nuno felted piece of chiffon silk sample

                                                                       felt samples

                                I did this through my printer at home to see if it worked  It did!!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

flowers flowers flowers

I,ve been collecting images of flowers that I can use as ideas for my felt flowers, now I'm obsessed here's just a few I like,there,s plenty more on my pinterest boards if your interested.