Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sketchbook update: cobwebs

 I photocopied a photo I had taken, I transferred it onto paper using solvent.I really like these images ,I knew from my felting experience I could translate a cobweb effect using the wet felt technique and this was my idea for part of the outer layer of the skirt 

Black and white photocopy transferred with solvent by rubbing with a pen all over to create a textured grainy image.

I made sample pieces of felt using different thicknesses of wool, with random size holes to see if I could replicate a cobweb like effect.By varying the amount of wool and the length of time I felted I got different results .Using only one layer of wool and felting for a short time produced a softer lighter weight piece with irregular organic holes,where as the samples using 3 layers of wool created a heavier firmer more uniform pattern. I liked the lighter weighed samples the best as these were more suitable for what I wanted.I was going to make all the pieces similar but after pinning all the sample together  to see how they  would hang, I actually preferred the pieces all being a little different as it created more texture and interest.It also created a firmer structure with more volume which was the effect I was looking for.
samples using less wool and less felting.These pieces gave me the effect I was looking for

I didn,t really like these pieces as they were quite firm and heavy and the holes were to similar.


  1. Beautiful felting and gorgeous web drawings...go girlie!