Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blimey you can make a dress out of anything!

A water dress! I love this photo
Ghostly dancing dresses made from chicken wire.


Pucci mannequins in paper dresses.

paper fashion Pratt Pucci
  Pucci mannequins in paper dresses
     Beautiful paper butterfly dress
Such a great sculpture
        such a cool sculpture by Odani Motohiko .See more of his collection here
This may be taking my "woodland" theme a bit too far!

Tree Leaves Made of Stitched and Knotted Human Hair trees textile hair art
I thought these were really pretty and delicate till I realised they were made from knotted human hair yuk!
toilet paper wedding dress
                                                            Toilet paper wedding dress haha

wire gownWhite-Winged Poem Dress 3 by Lesley Dill

                                           wire dress                               Poem paper dress

Glass Kimono by: Karen LaMonte
                                                                              glass dress
christina chalmers

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